Camper Van Kitchen Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Camper van camping offers the best of both worlds. It offers you a chance to delve into the great outdoors, but also the chance to have comforts like a covered shelter and stocked kitchen available. Camper van cooking can be a fun experience, provided you have the right equipment and accessories. 

Here are the camper van kitchen accessories you can’t live without: 

  1. Pressure cooker 
  2. Camping kettle 
  3. Collapsible and stackable pots and pans 
  4. Mini camping stove 
  5. Fold-out grill 
  6. Stove top cover 
  7. Trivets 
  8. Pan protectors 
  9. Stackable glasses 
  10. Cutlery 
  11. Carbon monoxide detector 

This article explores each of these kitchen accessories in-depth, highlighting what you should look for in each accessory. It also considers the best models of each accessory to provide you with the ultimate guide to campervan kitchen accessories. In addition, if you’re looking for more tips about van life in general, check my resource page here.

General Features To Look For in Camper Van Kitchen Accessories 

Before exploring specific kitchen accessories you should equip your van with, it’s helpful first to consider what general features they should have. Kitchen accessories should be: 

  • Light and small. When you’re packing for a camping trip, it’s essential to keep your load light. Smaller kitchen accessories will fit better in your camper kitchen and allow you to bring more along. 
  • Easy storage. Look for kitchen accessories that can either be collapsed or stacked. As camper kitchens tend to be small, your kitchen accessories must be easy to store. 
  • Dual functionality. As you have limited storage space, you should also look for kitchen accessories that can be used for various purposes. It’s also helpful if the accessories can be used indoors and outdoors and can be powered with different types of fuel. 
  • Easy to clean. When you are camping, you may not have easy access to a lot of water or cleaning materials. The accessories you choose  
  • Durable. When purchasing kitchen equipment, look for accessories that are high quality and durable. There’s nothing worse than carrying equipment out into the wild, having it break, and then not having anywhere to replace it. 

When preparing to go camping, there are several different types of camper van kitchen accessories you should bring with you. These include accessories for preparing food, equipment for cooking, and accessories for serving. You should also carry accessories that will keep you and your surroundings safe when cooking. 

Accessories for Food Preparation and Cooking for Van Life

Some of the best camping kitchen accessories for food include a pressure cooker, a camping kettle, stackable pots, and pans. 

1. Pressure Cooker 

Pressure cookers are excellent for cooking stews, curries, pulses, and meats in a short amount of time. As food cooks in a shorter amount of time, you tend to use less fuel when using a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers have also been found to preserve more nutrientsOpens in a new tab. and flavor in food than when you cook it in saucepans. 

All these factors make pressure cookers an excellent accessory to bring while camping. Here are some great pressure cooker models from 

3 Quart Instant Pot Duo 

Opens in a new tab.

This is a small pressure cooker that can be used to prepare food for up to three people. It’s an electric pressure cooker and is powered by plugging it into an electric source. It is a very versatile piece of equipment; as well as being used for pressure cooking, it can be used as a rice cooker, a steamer, a yogurt maker, a sterilizer, and a warmer. 

Snowline Camping Outdoor Pressure Cooker 

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The Snowline Camping Pressure Cooker is a lightweight pressure cooker that has been designed for outdoor use. It is just 850 grams but can be used for cooking for 2-3 people. It can be compressed and comes in a packing container. 

2. Camping Kettle 

A kettle is an essential kitchen accessory to bring anytime you go camping. Kettles will allow you to heat water quickly when cooking or use hot water for teas, soups, and other ready-made meals. 

You can consider different types of kettles depending on the amount of space you have and the length of time you’re going camping. If you have limited space, look for a collapsible kettle or, at the very least, a kettle with a collapsible handle. You should also consider the type of fuel your kettle will need. 

Here are some great camping kettles to consider from 

LXTaoler Foldable Electric KettleOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.

This is a collapsible kettle made with BPA-free silicone. As well as being collapsible, it has a detachable power cord and handles, which makes it easier to store. It’s an electric kettle, so to use it, you’ll have to plug it into an electric source. 

Redcap Outdoor Camping Kettle 

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This is a pocket-friendly kettle that has been designed for outdoor use. It is lightweight and has a collapsible handle and a mesh bag that easily stores it. There are three different sizes of this kettle you can choose from depending on whether you are camping alone or with others: 0.8 liters (27.05 oz), 0.9 liters (30.43 oz), and 1.4 liters (47.34 oz). All three sizes are available on Amazon. 

This is a stovetop kettle, and it can be placed on a gas stove or a camping van stove. 

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3. Collapsible and Stackable Pots and Pans 

While you should carry along a pressure cooker and kettle, you should also have a few collapsible pots and pans to use for quick fry-ups. Look for vessels that can be stacked into each other or with foldable handles. 

Here are some options for you to consider. 

RoryTory Camping CookwareOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.

This is an eleven-piece camping cookware kit that weighs less than 2 pounds (907 grams) altogether. It contains a large pot, a smaller pot, a frying pan, serving cups, and a stirring spoon. However, when stacked, all the cookware stands at less than 7 inches (17.78 cm). 

Different vessels in the set can be used for boiling, frying, sauteing, and reheating. Another advantage is that the set is effortless to clean! The full eleven-piece set can be found and purchased on Amazon.

Sea to Summit X Set 31 CooksetOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.

This is another excellent cook set available on Amazon with a range of vessels that can be used for various purposes. There are five pieces in the set, including a 2.8-liter (94.68 oz) collapsible pot with an aluminum base and a strainer lid. The set also contains two 22 ounce (623.69 gram) bowls and two 16 ounce (453.59 gram) mugs. 

The equipment is versatile and can be folded to be used as cutting boards or as storage. 

G4Free Camping Cookware Kit 

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This cookware kit is available on Amazon in two different versions. One version has eleven pieces while the other has thirteen pieces. Both sets include a sturdy aluminum pot and frying pan and several tableware pieces such as a soup ladle, bowls, a stainless steel folding spoon, and a wooden spatula. 

The pots and pans come with foldable handles, and the whole kit can be fit into a mesh bag, making for easy storage. 

4. Mini Camping Stove 

Most camper vans will have a built-in stove that is powered by gas or electricity. However, it’s helpful to carry along a mini camping stove just in case your main stove malfunctions or you want to cook outdoors. 

Look for camping stoves that are easily stored, light, and easy to set up. Here are some of the best mini camping stoves currently on the market. 

Jetboil MiniMo Camping Stove 

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The Jetboil MiniMo is arguably one of the best models on the market. It is easy to light as it has a push-button igniter and has inbuilt temperature control. In addition, it’s easy to set up and can be adjusted depending on the size of the vessel you’re trying to cook in. 

Uberleben Stoker Flatpack StoveOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.

This stove is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. It is woodburning and can be fueled by twigs, sticks, moss and pinecones, and charcoal and wood pellets. It is made with stainless steel that allows for durability and reliability but can also be folded down to fit into a backpack. 

In addition, the Uberleben Stocker Flatpack Stove is a pocket-friendly choice and is available on 

5. Fold-Out Grill 

Another worthwhile investment to help with cooking while camping is a fold-out grill. Grills can be used for grilling meat and vegetables and cooking outdoors. Look for portable grills that are fueled by readily available materials. 

Here are some grills that you could consider. 

Uttora Barbecue GrillOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.

This outdoor grill has received excellent reviews for its portability and the quality of its cooks. It has combustion vents that allow heat to be evenly distributed across the grill, making for beautifully cooked meat or vegetables. 

The Uttora Barbecue Grill has foldable legs, which allows it to fold and be stored in your camper van. It is made with stainless steel, which ensures that it is durable and safe. 

It is fueled by charcoal, so you may have to carry along some charcoal with you. 

Odoland Folding Campfire GrillOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.

This is a five-part campfire grill that can easily be collapsed. It is made with stainless steel and is highly durable as it has been designed to be used outdoors. It has a non-stick surface, making it easy to clean. 

6. Stove Top Cover 

Preparation space can be limited in a camper van. Carrying along a stovetop cover will give you some extra counter space that allows you to chop and prep food. 

You can get this Camco RV Stove Top Cover on Amazon; it is an excellent stove top cover that you can easily affix atop your stove with a few simple steps.

Accessories for Eating and Storage in your Van

After cooking a delicious meal using all the kitchen accessories outlined in the previous section, you need to serve and store your meals. It’s also important that you store your accessories correctly to ensure they have long lives. 

Here are some essential accessories for eating and storage. 

7. Trivets 

RV surfaces can easily be damaged, so you should have trivets (heat protection pads) that you can place on countertops. Trivets will allow you to place hot pots on your RV surfaces to make room for other dishes you may be cooking. 

Some excellent trivets for camping include: 

Opens in a new tab.

Non-slip trivets. These are silicone trivets that adhere to surface tops and prevent heat from reaching the surface. They are also great for anchoring chopping boards and are easy to clean. You can get e-color 4-Pack TrivetsOpens in a new tab. on

Opens in a new tab.

Foldable trivets. These trivets can easily be folded to save on space. They can also be used to hold phones and iPads. Find a pack of Ksendalo Eco Collapsible TrivetsOpens in a new tab. on

8. Pan Protectors 

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Pan protectors should be placed between pans to stop them from scratching each other. This is especially important for an RV camper van kitchen as you will store pans on top of each other, and the constant motion of the RV may cause them to move and scratch more. 

Buy an All-Clad 3-Piece Cookware SetOpens in a new tab. from

9. Stackable Glasses

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While it may be tempting to take disposable cups along with you, it is much more eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run to get reusable, sturdy glasses. 

A stainless steel tumbler set is an excellent option as they are durable and can hold both hot and cold drinks. 

This Wealers Store Stainless Steel Cup Tumbler SetOpens in a new tab. from is stackable and has silicon lids. 

10. Cutlery 

Opens in a new tab.

It’s also a good idea to carry reusable cutlery. There are several excellent portable cutlery sets on the market. Look for a set that contains all the cutlery you’ll need and that is easy to clean and maintain. 

This Devico Portable Utensils SetOpens in a new tab. from is lightweight and has eight pieces of cutlery. 

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Accessory for Kitchen Safety in your Van

When you’re cooking in an enclosed place, you have to take all the necessary precautions to avoid any mishaps. 

11. Carbon Monoxide Detector 

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It’s essential to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide in your kitchen. Look for a battery-powered detector, and be sure to check that it is functioning before you leave for your camping trip. 

The Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector from is an excellent choice as it is lightweight and battery-powered. 

To ensure that your cooking adventures in your camper van are safeOpens in a new tab., you should also try to minimize food smells and noise so you don’t attract local wildlife. You should also make sure you read the instructions about your kitchen accessories carefully and use them safely. 


As an independent traveler, I try to share my positive and negative observations about van life as well as tips and tricks to make your life on the road easier. I travel and work in my old RV and would greatly appreciate a coffee from you if you find my content useful.

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