Are Pop-Up Campers Easy To Break Into?

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Pop-up campers are an excellent choice for those who go camping often or want to save money when they travel but they are the least secure form of recreational vehicle. Recreational vehicles offer amenities similar to what you would expect in a house, including kitchens and bathrooms. 

Pop-up campers are easy to break into because they lack many of the traditional security measures like deadbolts, alarms, and reinforced doors. They typically don’t come with these features, which is why they are the cheapest and least secure RVs on the market. 

If you own a pop-up camper, it’s important that you take every precaution possible to keep unwanted people out while you travel. Make sure windows and doors are closed and locked at all times to encourage thieves to move on. Keep reading for more about this sensitive topic.

How Can I Make a Pop-Up Camper More Secure?

People who own pop-up campers must use common-sense measures to help protect their investment. They shouldn’t store valuables inside, and they should invest in deadbolts and reinforced doors if possible because these will make an intruder think twice before attempting entrance.

To make a pop-up camper more secure, remove anything that might be valuable from the camper when it’s not occupied, such as bikes, personal belongings, and tools. They don’t have a lot of storage space, so take everything with you or lock it in your vehicle if possible.

You should also take advantage of community garages or storage areas if available to keep your vehicle out of sight when unoccupied. 

Park Your Pop-Up in a Well-Lit Area

If you are using a pop-up camper as your primary residence, it’s essential to have some security measures in place. Though pop-ups are easy to break into, they are not the only targets. 

Thieves will also go for larger RVs and trailers. 

Make sure that your camper is parked in a well-lit area and close to other vehicles or people if possible. Use common-sense safety measures like locking doors and windows when you’re not inside and never leave valuable items out in plain sight. 

Though pop-up campers are easy to break into, it is not the only type of camping vehicle that can be targeted by thieves. Larger RVs and trailers are also popular targets due to the potential for expensive items inside. 

To keep your camper safe between trips, follow these suggestions:

  • Find well-lit areas to park, or close to other cars or people if possible.
  • Make sure you lock all windows and doors when you’re away from your camper. 
  • Never leave valuables sitting out in plain sight because thieves will take them even if they cannot get inside your vehicle.
  • If someone does try to break into your vehicle, call 911 immediately with a full description of the person and their location if possible.

Security Features To Use When Camping

You can take a few security measures when camping in your pop-up. While most pop-up campers come equipped with security locks, not all do. 

Be sure to lock up your vehicle and take the keys with you at night or when you leave for any length of time. You can also invest in wheel locks, as they help protect your tires from theft and make it more difficult for thieves to tow away your camper. 

Always keep valuables out of sight when you are camping, or an opportunistic thief may decide to steal them, especially if they cannot break into your camper itself.

You should also invest in security features and devices to deter and detect potential thieves: 

  • Security systems: These can be wired into your vehicle’s electrical system and will sound an alarm if someone attempts to disable them while attempting to break into your car. 
  • Locking wheel nuts: A wheel lock might stop a thief from stealing your rims but won’t prevent them from stealing the rest of your car or camper. Locking wheel nuts are inexpensive and simple to install on most vehicles. Keep one key for yourself and give the other key(s) to trusted individuals so they can easily remove them when necessary.
  • Wheel trims: A simple strip of metal placed around the rim of each wheel makes it more difficult for a thief to gain access to your car or camper wheels. 
  • Tracking devices: There are several ways these can be installed on your vehicle to provide you with added security and protection if your car or camper is stolen.
  • Theft-proof steering locks: When locked, this device will prevent thieves from being able to turn the steering wheel, making driving nearly impossible without you there. This can often prove enough hassle that thieves will give up trying to steal your vehicle altogether.
  • Cameras: Installing a dashcam in your car or camper is another excellent way to protect yourself and your vehicle against theft. Dashcams will record all activity on the road, and some even come with motion-activated sensors that activate when someone tries to get into your car.

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There are a few things that you can do to make it more difficult for thieves to break into your vehicle attached to your pop-up camper. Here are a few tips: 

  • Lock your vehicle: Always make sure to lock your car and camper when you’re not using it, even if you’re running into the store for a few minutes. This will help deter thieves from breaking in and stealing your belongings.
  • Alarms: Installing an alarm system in your car or camper can also be a great way to protect yourself from theft. Many alarms are motion-activated, so they’ll go off if someone tries to get into your vehicle without your permission.


Pop-up campers are an inexpensive way to explore the outdoors. 

If you’re looking for a fun, affordable adventure, then this is definitely the right product for you. However, be aware that these vehicles lack many of the security features found in traditional RVs, so they can be straightforward to break into if not properly secured when parked away from your home or business location.

If you want peace of mind while traveling with an RV, consider shopping around for a more expensive camper model or investing in some security measures before leaving on your next adventure.

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