Are Pop-Up Campers Easy To Break Into?

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Pop-up campers are great for frequent campers or budget travelers, but they are the least secure type of RV.

Pop-up campers are easy targets for burglars as they don’t have proper security features.

If you own a pop-up camper, it’s important that you take every precaution possible to keep unwanted people out while you travel. Make sure windows and doors are closed at all times to encourage thieves to move on.

Keep reading to learn useful ways to secure your pop-up camper.

How Can I Make a Pop-Up Camper More Secure?

People who own pop-up campers must use common-sense measures to help protect their investment.

  1. Install a deadbolt lock: A deadbolt lock can provide an additional layer of security to your pop-up camper’s door. You can purchase a deadbolt lock kit designed for pop-up campers at most RV supply stores.
  2. Use window locks: Many pop-up camper windows can be secured with locks. Be sure to use them to prevent someone from entering through a window.
  3. Install motion sensor lights: Use motion sensor lights to deter thieves from approaching your pop-up camper.
  4. Use an alarm system: An alarm system can alert you if someone tries to break into your pop-up camper. You can purchase an RV-specific alarm system at most RV supply stores.
  5. Store valuables out of sight: Keep valuable items out of sight and locked away when you’re not using them. This includes electronics, cash, and jewelry.

You should also take advantage of community garages or storage areas if available to keep your vehicle out of sight when unoccupied. 

Park Your Pop-Up in a Well-Lit Area

If you are using a pop-up camper as your primary residence, it’s essential to have some security measures in place. Though pop-ups are easy to break into, they are not the only targets. 

Thieves will also go for larger RVs and trailers. 

Make sure that your camper is parked in a well-lit area and close to other vehicles or people if possible. Use common-sense safety measures like locking doors and windows when you’re not inside and never leave valuable items out in plain sight. 

Though pop-up campers are easy to break into, it is not the only type of camping vehicle that can be targeted by thieves. Larger RVs and trailers are also popular targets due to the potential for expensive items inside. 

To keep your camper safe between trips, follow these suggestions:

  • Find well-lit areas to park, or close to other cars or people if possible.
  • Make sure you lock all windows and doors when you’re away from your camper. 
  • Never leave valuables sitting out in plain sight because thieves will take them even if they cannot get inside your vehicle.
  • If someone try to break into your vehicle, call 911 immediately with a full description of the person and their location, if possible.

Security Features To Use When Camping

man trying to break in a pop up camper

There are a few things that you can do to make it more difficult for thieves to break into your vehicle. Here are a few tips: 

  • Alarms: Install an alarm system that can detect motion or break-ins. This can alert you if someone tries to enter your RV.
  • Locks: Make sure all doors and windows are locked, including any storage compartments. Consider using deadbolts or other high-security locks.
  • Security cameras: Install security cameras around your RV to monitor any suspicious activity.
  • Motion sensor lights: Install motion sensor lights around your RV to deter intruders.
  • GPS tracking: Use a GPS tracking device to monitor the location of your RV. This can help you recover it if it is stolen.
  • Safe: Install a safe inside your RV to store valuables such as cash, jewelry, and documents.
  • Campsite selection: Choose a campsite that is well lit, has security patrols, and is in a safe area.

Did someone try to break into your pop-up camper last night? Maybe it was your neighbor.

To start, consider hiring a locksmith to re-key your RV. Many of these locks share the same key or only have a few variations. This also applies to the compartments.

Depending on someone’s behavior, they might have mistaken your RV for their own. If your RV looks fairly common, reducing the chances of this mix-up could save you some stress.

These lights are not very bright and won’t disturb your neighbors. They can help someone approaching to know it’s not their RV before trying to open the door.


Pop-up campers are an inexpensive way to explore the outdoors. 

However, be aware that these vehicles lack many of the security features found in traditional RVs, so they can be straightforward to break into if not properly secured when parked away from your home or business location.

If you want peace of mind while traveling with an RV, consider investing in some security measures before leaving on your next adventure.

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