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RV Clubs for Single Seniors

RV clubs are organizations that help people, who share a passion for RVing, to connect and make new relationships. They help RV enthusiasts to save money on camping products, supplies, and fees. If you’re a single senior, an RV club will help you experience … Read more
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How To Pack a VW Campervan (Tips and Tricks)

When packing for a trip, especially with a family, it can be very difficult to get everything you need in your campervan. Unless you are a master at Tetris, you might have issues trying to get everything in your van. How can you pack … Read more

Can You Plug RV Tires? Is It Safe?

The question of whether to plug or not has been debated for a long time, with some people claiming it’s unsafe to repair the tire this way. What if one of your RV’s tires gets punctured, you don’t have an extra tire, and the … Read more
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Do Emergency Blankets Expire?

Emergency blankets are typically budget-friendly, always easy to use, and rarely get replaced. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware that these blankets can’t be used an infinite number of times, which can make them much less effective. While emergency blankets can save lives, they’re not … Read more
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Do Most Campgrounds Allow UTVs?

UTVs are convenient for hunting, fishing, and getting around off-road and on-road campgrounds. If you want to go to a lake, river, general store, or another campsite, these convenient vehicles are a great choice. However, you might be worried if your favorite spots permit … Read more
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Can You Get Lice from Camping?

Lice is a frustrating, infesting parasite that needs hair follicles to survive. These parasites spread their eggs from one human to another, making them difficult to stop. Since campers often gather in close groups, it’s understandable that you might be worried about lice and … Read more
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Stationary Van Life: What is it, and is it right for You?

Living in a van is fun, fashionable, and trendy. But how do the people who make it work get to that point? And how does stationary van life differ from normal van life? Stationary van life refers to living in a van or RV … Read more
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How Many Citronella Candles Do You Need?

Citronella oil is one of the most effective and popular ways to handle mosquitos, bees, and other bugs while camping. You can choose from sprays, lotions, candles, and more. Since candles don’t require putting anything on the skin, many people lean on them for … Read more
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How To Keep Morning Dew off Your Sleeping Bag

If you’re sleeping outdoors, some natural condensation can be expected, especially if you’re camping out in the cooler seasons. It’s important to know how to keep your sleeping bag warm and dry, both for your own comfort and to avoid hypothermia. But how do … Read more
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Should You Be Worried by Van Life Horror Stories?

On Instagram, van life looks like a picture-perfect adventure filled with warm drinks, Patagonia sweaters, and forecasts of perpetual sunshine. However, with cases like the murder of Gabby Petito making it into mainstream news, the scarier side of van life is getting more attention. … Read more
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How Many Days of Food Can You Carry While Backpacking?

Backpacking requires careful planning, especially for longer trips. Indeed, you should consider factors such as the duration of your treck, water availability, and food weight and volume. One common question is: how much food can you carry backpacking? Ten days’ worth of food is … Read more
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BougeRV cover for mercedes sprinter windshield

BougeRV Windshield Cover for 2006-2015 Sprinter – Full Review

Searching for a reliable way to protect your Class B Dodge Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2015 RV’s windshield from snow, sun, and other harsh elements? Look no further, as the BougeRV RV Windshield Window Snow Cover is here to help. We’ve been putting it to the … Read more


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