Why Are Campervans Always White?

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More and more people are opting to live and travel in campervans. Campervans offer freedom and convenience for those who want to bring most of their necessities with them on their adventures. These vehicles often look alike and are usually all painted the same color. 

Campervans are always white because it’s the best color to keep the interior cool. White paint is the cheapest for manufacturers, which is why you rarely see any colored campervans on the road. The color white also provides visibility, a blank canvas for creativity, and safety while traveling. 

In this article, I’ll explore more of the reasons why campervans are always white. We’ll look into the following topics:

  • How the color white keeps your campervan interior cool.
  • Why campervan manufacturers prefer painting their vehicles white.
  • Why it’s the best color for safety.
  • How you can add different colors to your campervan.

How Does White Keep My Campervan Cool?

White keeps your campervan’s interior cool because it reflects light as well as heat more than any other color, which helps maintain a comfortable environment when traveling. The color white is made up of every single other color that is visible to the human eye. 

We see white instead of a mixture of all of the other colors because white reflects all of the visible wavelengths. It’ll also reflect heat, making it the perfect color for your campervan. On the other hand, dark colors will absorb more of the wavelengths of light and therefore heat up much faster. 

Why Is It Important That My Campervan Stay Cool?

It’s important that your campervan stay cool because many campervans don’t come with standard air conditioning or cooling fans. If your van doesn’t have air conditioning, then having a white campervan will help your vehicle stay cooler as you travel. 

Most people travel during the spring, summer, and fall when temperatures are warmer. 

Especially in the summer, when you’ll face the hottest temperatures and longest days of the year, you’ll want a white exterior on your campervan to reflect more of the sunlight and heat that’ll be beating down onto your campervan while you travel. 

The interior of vehicles can heat more than 20 degrees in ten minutes in the sun or even shade. If you’re traveling with children, keeping the interior of your campervan cool is vital to their health, as their body temperature will heat up much faster than that of an adult.

Why Do All Manufacturers Paint Their Campervans White?

All manufacturers of campervans, Sprinter, Ford, and Ram, prefer the color white as it sells better, is much cheaper for them to paint, and is more versatile for buyers’ needs. This is important because not all who purchase campervans will be using them solely for camping or traveling.

Painting a vehicle isn’t cheap. Manufacturers of vehicles will often offer a variety of colors, except in the case of campervans for cost-efficiency reasons. 

Even though almost every campervan you see on the road will most likely be white, manufacturers will sometimes add unique splashes of color to their normally plain vehicles. In this case, you might see some campervans with colored waves, streaks, or shapes painted across the exterior. 

White Campervans Are Easier To See

White is a very visible color when you are driving on the road. 

It stands out in inclement weather conditions, making it a lot easier to see in rain or fog, for example. If you’re traveling at night, a white campervan will undoubtedly be more visible than a black campervan. 

Although a high-visibility color like white is preferable when you are driving on the road, it also has its benefits for travelers staying in unfamiliar areas. For example, if you’re camping in the mountains on a cloudy night, you’ll be able to find your campervan much easier in the dark than if you had a dark-colored campervan. 

White Campvervans Can Blend in for Safety When Needed

While white is easy to see on the road, it can also blend in when needed. 

Considering most every other campervan will also be colored white, having a similarly white campervan will allow you to stay in places without drawing any unwanted attention to yourself. 

Likely, someone will be more interested in a bright red sports car than a white campervan that looks exactly like every other campervan on the road. Staying under the radar can be crucial while traveling, especially considering that you will be storing most of your belongings inside of your campervan. 

Adding Color to Your White Campervan

All white campervans are a blank slate. The color white represents freedom to many and is perfect for those seeking new adventures. 

However, it’s entirely understandable to want to make your campervan a little less plain. You might want to personalize your white campervan by adding a few, or many, personal touches to its exterior. 

If you want to change the exterior of your white campervan, there are a few different things you can do to add some more color.

Mountain Forest Graphic Vinyl Car Sticker

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  • Add decals, like this Wilove Mountain Forest Graphic Vinyl Sticker from Amazon.com that represents adventure and your love for the outdoors. This sticker is made from vinyl and will not peel off for many years, and can be washed.
  • Learn how to paint your campervans’ exterior.
  • Get it painted at an auto body shop.
  • Add a personal touch with a Wyco Products Custom Bumper Sticker from Amazon.com that can display your family motto, destination, or favorite quote. It is fully customizable, so you can create anything you wish to make your campervan stick out.

Decals, bumper stickers, and lights will likely be your cheapest and easiest options for customizations. Having your campervan painted or painting it yourself will be much more expensive and can be time-consuming. 

The color white also offers a blank canvas where you can add personal customizations to your campervan relatively easily and affordably. 

Final Thoughts

Campervans are usually white because it’s the best at reflecting light and heat, helping to keep the interior of your vehicle cool while you travel. 

Manufacturers also prefer it for their campervans because it’s the cheapest color to paint and it’s the color that most of their customers are more likely to buy. The color white is also easily visible while still being plain enough that it can blend in many situations. 

Overall, white campervans are a great vehicle for anyone wanting to embark on a new adventure. 

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