Can a Sprinter Van Fit in a Parking Garage?

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans are some of the most popular vans people use for conversions, camping, businesses, and more. These wide, tall vehicles are perfect for traveling or living, but they can be a bit problematic when it comes to small parking spaces. If you intend to bring your Sprinter van to a parking garage, you need to read this!

A Sprinter van can fit in a parking garage because the van is between 8.15 to 9.8 feet tall, whereas most parking garages range between 10.5 to 14 feet tall or more. However, modified extended tops, solar panels, roof vents, and other amenities will add inches to the van and could make it a tight fit.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not your sprinter van will fit in a parking garage if they’re ideal for regular house garages, and tips for pulling them into RV garages. We’ll also discuss a few factors that could alter the results.

Do Sprinter Vans Fit in Parking Garages?

Most Sprinter vans fit in parking garages because they’re short enough to get under the overhang. It’s always best to look for a sign near the garage that indicates its height. Keep your van’s overall height in mind when parking in various garages, and don’t forget to include the measurements of any additional features you added.

Ask yourself these questions to know if your Sprinter van will fit in a parking garage:

  1. How tall is your Sprinter van? Sprinter van heights range from 97.9 to 117.6 inches. Don’t forget to add the height of anything you have mounted to the top since these things can scrape the parking garage’s roof. 
  2. How tall is the parking garage? This is perhaps the most important factor of all of them. The vast majority of parking garages label their heights above the main entry points. You should also be able to check online if you’re visiting an event venue.
  3. Is there a slope going in or out of the parking garage? Slopes can make the vehicle bump up a bit, adding a couple of inches. Always take it slow when you’re cruising over parking garage speed bumps or slopes.
  4. Will you be able to find a spot without performing a three-point turn? Many parking garages are narrow because they want to fit as many vehicles as possible. Doing a three-point turn over a bump or incline can cause issues for the roof of your Sprinter van.
  5. Is everything closed and secured on top? Don’t forget to close your vent vans, lower the solar panels (if they’re adjustable), and reel in the antennas if you have any of them mounted to the roof.

After answering these five questions, you can rest assured that your Sprinter van will more than likely make it into the average parking garage. According to Parking Mobility, the average parking garage height ranges from 10.5 to 14 feet, but a lot of them go up to 19 feet. Unless you have an extended roof with an open vent or slanted panels, you should be good to go.

Will a Sprinter Van Fit in My Garage?

A Sprinter van won’t fit in your garage unless you have a low-top or mid-top model. The high-top Sprinter van is over 9 feet tall. Since the average residential garage is only about 7 to 8 feet tall, your Sprinter van might have trouble making it through the door. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the door when it’s open, not the ceiling’s overall height.

So, will your Sprinter van make it into your garage?

  • Most old residential garages aren’t tall enough for high-top vans, but some of them are modified. Remember, high-top sprinter vans can be up to 9.8 feet tall without everything you mounted to the roof.
  • You can get an extended garage if you have a newer home. Those who are buying a new house can request that the garage be a bit higher. These modifications are quite common for those with raised trucks, so you shouldn’t have a problem adding three-inch increments to the garage.
  • Some garages are pre-made at about 9 feet tall, which could add room for your Sprinter van. Open the garage door all the way and measure the height from the floor to the opened doorway. Keep in mind that your van needs to be able to fit through the doorway, so the overall height will be a bit taller and deceptive.
  • Don’t forget to measure the width of your Sprinter van. The height is crucial, but some Sprinter vans are wider than the average vehicle. Clear some space in the garage to make room for you to work on the van.

As you can see, there’s a 50/50 chance your Sprinter van will make it through the garage door. Unlike the aforementioned parking garage, residential garages typically aren’t made for high-top vehicles with modifications on top. Always measure the van and the garage door’s height before trying to park it.

Can a Sprinter Van Fit in an RV Garage?

A Sprinter van can fit in an RV garage because RV garages are usually about 14 feet tall, which is much higher than the highest Sprinter van models. RV garages are ideal for those with extra land to spare or people who want to store their Sprinter vans in a safe motorhome facility. These garages add to the monthly storage fee, but they also include added protection.

A1 Garage states that the shortest RV garage door is 10 feet. Since the highest Sprinter van is 9.8 feet, you’ll be cutting it close. Adding solar panels or radio antennas can make the door scrape the van. However, most other Sprinter vans (low-top, mid-top, and the traditional high-top) will fit into any RV garage. Most RV garages are taller than 10 feet, though.


Now that you know how to park a Sprinter van into a parking garage, regular garage, or RV garage, you can decide which size you want and what amenities you need on the van. Sprinter vans are a top choice for thousands of people, and most of them agree that the slight parking inconveniences are worth the overall experience.

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