Can You Drive an RV with The Windows Open?

As an RV owner, you probably wonder if you can drive an RV with the windows open. Sometimes thinking your RV is the same as driving a car, you may leave more than one window open.  

While it is possible to drive with the RV windows open, there are precautions to take. Driving with the windows open on your RV can cause:

  • A window to blow out due to uneven pressure
  • Sway in the RV from wind gusts
  • Dirt and dust to be blown inside the RV

With all the research done, there have probably been a lot of forums. While these can be helpful, there are tons of information and resources to get through to find your answer. This article will go over shy driving with your RV windows down might not be a good idea and answer some other questions you may see come up. 

Can You Drive an RV with the Windows Down?

While, in theory, you can drive around with the windows down in your RV, it’s not advisable. You need to consider some things that can protect and ensure that your RV is in spectacular condition. 

Using sealants and even films can ensure that your windows are safer. However, they are not always a guarantee to window safety. Some sealants and films that can be placed along or on your RV windows may vary. Here is a short list of products:

The Pressure Inside an RV is Different than the Pressure Inside a Car. 

Most of the time, when you have the car windows down, the pressure inside will make your ears pop. Due to the heavy and high build of an RV, the air pressure may become so tense that a window can burst. Once this happens, it must be replaced or fixed as soon as possible. 

Sometimes the air pressure inside is not all that you have to consider. There are instances that gusts of wind or air can be caused by another passing by vehicle. When this happens, the RV may be harder to handle, and the RV may swerve or veer off the road. 

You must Clean your RV after you Drove with your Windows Down.

Keeping your RV clean can be a task in itself. When you drive with your windows down in the RV, there is a high possibility that dirt and dust will fly inside, making everything dirty and dusty. This can cause problems with breathing and allergies. Cleaning out all the dirt and dust can take more time away from your trip and vacation. 

There are some great RV cleaners and products out there that can help clean the dirt and dust inside. A few of these products are:

After reading about your RV and how to keep it clean and maintained, other questions may arise that may also pique your interest. One of these questions may be if the same rules would apply to travel trailers. 

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Can You Tow a Travel Trailer with the Windows Open?

If you have an RV, you may also be wondering if you can tow a travel trailer with the windows open as well. Since these are similar to RVs, the same scenarios may apply to travel trailers. Travel trailers are pretty much RVs; only they are towed by a vehicle, preferably a truck.

Since there are different types of travel trailers, being able to tow with the windows open may not be an option for some. If towing an expandable trailer, there may not be any windows to leave open since they are tucked or folded away. 

Are There Benefits To Driving With Your RV Windows Open?

Even though it is not advisable to drive with your RV or travel trailer windows open, there may be some benefits to do just that. As many RV and travel trailer owners know, the travel unit can get rather hot especially in the summer. So what is there to do?

Owners know that sometimes leaving a small window open can help with airflow through the cabin. When the sun is shining and the temperatures are high, an RV collects heat within the cabin. Once stopped, you have to air out your RV, or travel trailer, and this can take time. 

With this being said, owners say that to avoid your RV from being unforgiving in the warmer climates, leave a small window open. It is best to always use windows that have vents or even a roof vent to help with the added heat inside. 

There Are Other Ways To Help Cool Your RV or Travel Trailer.

Cooling off your RV or travel trailer may seem impossible. However, there are ways other than leaving a window open to help with the heat that collects inside. Some of these ways can include:

  • Investing in roof vents if you don’t have any
  • Park in an area with more shade 
  • Make sure you close your windows in the mornings
  • Use windows shades for UV protection

For more tips to help keep your RV or travel trailer cool in those warmer climates visit Quality RV Resorts.

What Should You Do If A Window Breaks in Your RV or Travel Trailer?

If you didn’t find this article before you decided to drive or tow with the windows down in your RV or travel trailer and have experienced a broken or cracked window, there are some ideas on how you can fix it

There are temporary fixes that you can do to fix your RV or travel trailer cracked or broken windows. One is using a sheet of plexiglass on side windows. This temporary fix takes some time to do and involves measuring, cutting, screwing, and even using sealants and glue. If you have an older model, the plexiglass method may be the only way to fix your broken side windows. 

When possible, it is always advisable to get a replacement window as soon as possible. Sometimes a replacement window may not be available for older models but someone at an RV sales or window replacement location. 

It can be easy to find an RV window replacement center at Camping World


When you have an RV or a travel trailer, it is best not to tow or drive it with the windows open. There are many reasons behind this. However, the ones that are discussed in this article can save you the trouble in the long run with broken, cracked windows or even all the dirt and debris that will find its way inside your RV or travel trailer. 

While you may have read this article after the fact, there is also some helpful information if you are wondering what to use for your broken windows. It is imperative that you seek out a recreational vehicle mechanic and someone who specializes in RVs and travel trailers for any repairs or replacements. They can provide you with more information or help if they can not do a window replacement on your older model RV or travel trailer. 

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