Tire Pressure for Hymer from 1985 to 1990

When you buy an old motorhome and it has been sitting for a while without moving, you want to check your tire pressure and their respective condition. You don’t want rotting tires or any signs of fatigue as it could dramatically impact your safety on the road. As for most old Hymer models (before 1995), it is difficult to find the correct tire pressure for each model.

There isn’t one exact tire pressure number for each tire, but you should have a pressure that follows how much your motorhome is loaded. Each Hymermobil will be loaded with different additions, material, and personal stuff following their owner.

Therefore, the only correct way to know your exact tire pressure is to individually weigh your front and rear axels, contact your tire manufacturer with and he should be able to give you the exact pressure needed for each one.

As general guidance, Hymer indicated on their manual the recommended pressure in bar for each axle. You can follow these numbers and adjust them accordingly to your load.

Pressures Guide For Hymer motorhomes tyres from 1985 to 1990

HymermobilFront axleRear axle
Hymercar 3 (2,55 t bzw. 2,6t)3,503,20
Hymercar 3 (2,8 t)4,304,50
Hymercamp 463,503,80
Hymercamp 51 (2,55 t bzw. 2,6 t}3,503,20
Hymercamp 51 (2,8 tbzw. 3,2t)4,304,50
Hymercamp 52 (2,55 t bzw. 2,6 t)3,503,20
Hymercamp 52 (2,8 tbzw. 3,1t)4,304,50
Hymercamp 554,304,50
Hymercamp 564,304,50
Hymercamp 574,304,50
Hymercamp 644,304,50
Hymercamp 654,304,50
Hymertramp 1554,304,50
Hymertramp 1644,304,50
Hymertramp 1654,304,50
Hymermobil 5344,304,50
Hymermobil 5444,304,50
Hymermobil 5503,254,50
Hymermobil 5544,304,50
Hymermobil 5553,254,50
Hymermobil 5603,254,50
Hymermobil 5644,304,50
Hymermobil 6444,304,50
Hymermobil 6544,304,50
Hymermobil 6603,254,50
Hymermobil 6603,254,50
Hymermobil 6653,254,50
Hymermobil 6703,254,50
Hymermobil 6944,304,50
Hymermobil 7003,254,50
Tire pressures given in bar

You can also check https://www.tyresafe.org/motorhome-tyre-pressure/. After putting the weight for each axle and your tires reference, it will automatically give you the recommended pressure needed.

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I own a Hymermobil 560 since 2017 and I’ve been putting 3,25 bar and 4,50 bar for the front and rear axle respectively and everything is going smoothly. When I go off-road (when possible), I deflate a little bit each tire by 0.5 bar to get better traction.

Lastly, remember that you should always check your tire pressure and general state for safety reasons before driving.

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