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RV in the middle of the forest, off-road path

Selecting the Best Tires for Off-Roading in an RV

One reason van life has exploded in popularity is thanks to the increased freedom it provides. Adventure seekers gain the freedom to explore away from traditional campgrounds by getting off-road. Much like a runner should begin with their shoes, off-roading in an RV starts with the tires. As you continue reading, you’ll learn everything you … Read more
best rv surge protector article cover

Best RV Surge Protector to protect your electronics

RV surge protectors serve as a crucial shield for your camper, providing protection against various electrical threats that may arise when connecting to shore power at different locations. Damages to your RV’s electrical system and other sensitive components can be costly, and prevention is key. A reliable surge protector can save you from such risks, … Read more

How To Keep Campfire Smoke Out of an RV

RV camping is a delightful way to experience the wild outdoors. RV parks are available as rustic camping grounds with limited utility hookups, zero hookups, or luxury resorts with all types of amenities. So, when camping in a state park, for instance, how do you keep campfire smoke out of your RV? Here’s how to … Read more

Are Campervans Allowed in the Fast Lane?

Many highways impose rules regarding speed limits and lanes for semi-trucks and large vehicles towing a designated weight. So, are campervans allowed in the fast lane? Campervans are allowed in the fast lane, but they can be pulled over by a highway patrol officer if they’re going too slow. However, the laws may vary if … Read more