About me

Hello, my name is Martin; I’m a passionate photographer traveling in my motor home. I created Hivan to share valuable information about van life, motor home, solar energy, and minimalism in general. I’m now supported by a team of passionate van lifers who publishes in-depth reviews and guides about these different subjects. As an independent team of travelers, we share positive and negative observations as we find them to serve our community best.

Many members of Hivan are currently traveling in their own van/RV. They have experience which is valuable for others or people looking to start this lifestyle. Furthermore, creating content for Hivan allows them to earn extra money as we pay for every article they wrote.

Here’s my van, he’s called Vlad (like Vladimir) and I bought it back in 2018. It’s an old Mercedes Hymer from 1990. I’m really happy with it as it has everything I need: a shower, boiler, heater, fridge, kitchen, bed… everything. Furthermore, what I like about having an old RV is the fact that I can repair almost everything myself. There are no complicated electronic parts and the community around old Hymer is great. You always find someone that knows how to fix what’s been broken.